PASTIES = Nipples-Cover = Penutup Puting, Salah Satu Bentuk Pakaian Wanita Saat Ini


“Pasties are adhesive coverings applied to cover a person’s nipples. They vary in size and are usually not much larger than the person’s areola.
The concept of ‘pasties’ is to reveal as much of the breast as possible without being entirely topless. Many erotic dancers wear them in strip clubs as required by law. Pasties are usually applied with a special glue or tape. This is the origin of their name, as they are quite literally “pasted” onto the nipple.
Pasties are worn by many neo-burlesque performers. Burlesque pasties may also feature tassels which hang from the center, performer will sometimes twirl these as part of a performance.
Some women who choose no
t to wear a bra wear pasties to prevent their nipples from protruding visibly through their shirt.”
normal hearts pasties
virgin pasties
shamrock pasties
amazone  pasties
Pasties and black skirt
sport pasties
boobs pasties

Pasties itu adalah Penutup Puting yang sesuai namanya berfungsi untuk menutup puting dari payudara, biasanya dipakai oleh wanita.
Biasanya digunakan oleh para peragawati jika sedang show dan atau wanita pada umumnya jika mengenakan busana/pakaian tidak mendukung penggunaan bra. Biasanya pasties bisa terbuat dari bahan2 yang menempel atau biasanya sih silikon.

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