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American Pie 8 - Hole In One ( 2010 ) | DVDRip | AVI | 785 MB

Date Released : 2010
Movie Quality : DVDRip
Starring : Steve Talley, David Ellison and Dean Cameron
Genre : Comedy | Sport | 18+
Format : AVI
Size : 785MB

Eric, a highly-gifted golfer but radically-undisciplined college undergrad, finds his world drastically altered after losing a golf bet to a pair of sadistic plastic surgeons. Eric's bad-boy attitude lifestyle comes to a screeching halt as he loses his money, his girlfriend, his dignity and his golf swing. Eric and his best friend Tyler decide to take on the doctors, in a final golf match of "Best-Ball" to get his life back and become the man he should have been all along.




6 komentar:

  1. Anonim2/11/11

    boleh minta direct link part 3 dan part 4 gk gan ??
    coz,, susah bgt connect ke mediafire ne..

  2. @anonim part 3:


  3. Anonim3/11/11

    makasi gan :))

  4. Anonim10/2/12

    part 1 dan part 2 nya mohon di upload ulang gan...

  5. GAN, udh dihapus tuh sama mediafire .. wahhh .. telat ane ..


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